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rosenboy's Journal

West Rosen
28 June 1980
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During the Special manhunt, West was captured and taken to Moab. He eventually broke free with the help of his brother, Aaron (rosentwo, and the other rebels. He doesn't talk about his time there, except to say he was spectacular and heroic.

It's been half a decade since his misguided romance with Claire, but it might as well have been a lifetime. The war between humans and specials changed him in ways he doesn't tend to acknowledge--fed a darker, more mature core than he previously possessed, and a burning hatred for those responsible for the deaths of his family--but West has maintained his lightness, even to an extreme.

West is the yang to Aaron's yin. He is light-hearted, shameless, and treasures every opportunity to fly. He tosses pop culture references wherever it suits him, and will lie, steal, and at times even kill to achieve goals he deems worthy without a thought.

Amazingly charismatic sock puppet for dawning_night